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This is where I would put fanart, fanfics, poems, etc. I don't have any though. If you want to submit a fanfic please make sure it is rated only G to PG only anything rated PG13, R or NC17 will not be linked. I want to keep my site viewable for everyone of all ages. Please have a fanfiction account somewhere. I will just link to that URL. If you have an account at animelab just host your fanfiction there please. Please email me to submit fanfics, fanart, songs, or whatever else should go here.




Rules for Fanfics
1. Don't curse/swear too much
2. Don't put too much Yaoi/Yuri in it
3. Please host it somewhere like or or if you can't do either Freewebs make a new page
4. Don't bash characters
Rules for Fanart
1. No Hentai
2. Yaoi/Yuri okay until it goes past holding hands
3. Don't bash any YGO characters especially Anzu
4. Host it somewhere like Photobucket or Imageshack if you can't just send it as an attachment I'll host it at animelab on my account if it says my username(anzufan) it's because I uploaded it or better yet upload it on Freewebs
5. Email me the link to your fanart
Rules for Songs
1. must have something related to YGO
2. Don't put spoilers about episodes that haven't appeared in the US
3. host it on Freewebs it provides adless hosting make a new page don't use index.htm make a new one.
4. requested ones as in I asked for them you must put where I requested it from like if I put a request in a forum let's say Yugiohs Shadow Realm you must put Yugiohs Shdow Realm the link to the forum your username there and the link to the song.
Just email me!